Free Rogue Printers Vector Graphic

Free Rogue Printers Vector Graphic

We Made A free Vector Graphic For you To Screen Print!

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A few months ago, we created a facebook group called Rogue Printers with the hopes of building a community of like minded screen printers so we can all share knowledge and help each other out. Well that group has been growing into something amazing and it has far surpassed anything we thought it could be, thanks to it's members. Other than all of the requests to create a cool logo for the members to print, one thing we noticed is a common issue among the beginners having a shortage of good vector graphics to print.

So Dan and myself got to work and created this piece as a free download for all of you! We had the beginners in mind with this so that they could have a solid tool to practice with. A single colour version to work on the fundamentals, and a two colour version to work on things like registration, using an underbase, etc. We made regular and inverted versions to work on any colour of garment, and everything is colour separated and ready to go so you can focus your efforts on the print. As for the advanced printers, well you guys just have a new bad ass design to print now. We hope you guys enjoy printing this graphic and if you do, we want to see it! Make sure to tag @roguelabmfg on Instagram and use the hashtag #rogueprinters.

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