I'll just be honest, Rogue Lab was started out of sheer frustration with the printing industry. With my clothing brand picking up speed, I was bouncing around from shop to shop trying to find someone who could give me the quality I was looking for to keep up with the growth. After 2 years of missed deadlines, mistakes, poor prints and miscommunications, I had decided enough is enough...there has to be a better way. In that moment, the idea for Rogue Lab was born.

What had initially started as an idea to just make stuff for my own brand, quickly turned into so much more when I realized that I'm not the only one out there having these issues and I wanted to help. So I got to work learning everything I could while building up our print space and filling it with equipment, leaving no detail unchecked before putting this plan into action. If I was going to help people in the position I was in, I was going to do it right and set a new standard for quality, cleanliness, and image. 6 months later, here we are.

As a brand or business owner, there are far too many things to worry about and you need a team that you can rely on to take some of that stress off of your plate. Here at Rogue Lab, we are that team. Everyone in this shop shares the same core values of dedication, quality work, and quick service. We treat your brand as if it was our own because we've all been there and understand that this is your image and your livelihood, and it should be taken seriously.

Let us bring your monster to life

Lee Stuart

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