Terms & Conditions


All quotes are valid for up to 30 days unless otherwise stated.



Payment is due in full prior to your order beginning. We do not accept partial down payments, partial payments or offer net terms of any kind. Payment can be made by way of cash, e-transfer, PayPal and all major credit card providers. 


Mockups and Samples

Digital mockups will be provided for your approval within 48 hours of payment. Printing will not begin until mockups have been approved, in writing, by you. We do not provide pre-production samples. We will provide you with blank garment samples prior to printing at retail cost if requested, keeping in mind that blank samples will push back turnaround times. We will not sell blank garments in bulk.


Turnaround Time

Our standard print order turnaround time is roughly 10 business days from approval of the digital mockup. This does not include shipping time and due dates are not be guaranteed. 

Turnaround for graphic design orders are 2-6 weeks, due dates will be estimated but can not be guaranteed. In the event that an order is going to be delayed, we will reach out and work with you however we can to rectify the situation.


Order Cancellation

In the event that your order needs to be cancelled, cancellation fees will be based on the total value and status of the order. Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Prior to ordering garments/supplies - 10%
  • Garments/supplies have been ordered - 15%
  • Garments/supplies have arrived and are prepped for print - 20%

Cancellations can not be accepted once printing has begun. There are no cancellations accepted for graphic design orders after payment has been made.


Receiving Your Order

Please check your order and notify us of any problems within 48 hours of delivery. We will not be responsible for order errors or defects after 48 hours.



We stand behind the quality of our work. Our operating procedures and quality control are beyond industry standard. Client satisfaction of the final product is subjective. Approval of detailed mockups are required before print, and we do our very best to help you select garments that meet or exceed your expectation. Therefore, we are not liable for end user subjectivity. In the event that the final product falls outside of our quality guidelines your order will be reprinted at no charge provided you return the original order to us at your expense. All sales are final and we do not offer full refunds. 


Rush Orders

Rush orders are available with a turnaround of 3-5 business days at a fee of the order total plus 25%. If an order is being shipped, then the rush charges apply to our production time only. By placing an order with use, you agree that Rogue Lab mfg. cannot be held liable for any delayed shipments due to third party control. The amount of time it takes the carrier to get the order to you is not guaranteed by Rogue Lab mfg. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate or accept all rush orders. In the event that a rush order does not meet the deadline, only the rush order fee will be refunded.


Over/Under Run Allowance

We do our very best to deliver your order exactly as you ordered it. However, printing of all kinds is an art form, and with any art form, mistakes can happen. Misprints, item defects from the manufacturer (ie. holes in shirts), Machinery malfunctions (ie.stickers accidentally eaten up printers/cutters) etc. For that reason we have an over/under run allowance, think of it as an acceptable margin for error. 

Although it is rare, our over/under run allowance is 3% of a single design. Any order within that margin will be considered acceptable. We recommend adding a few additional pieces to your order if it is a quantity sensitive.

In the case of an under run, you are only charged for what is delivered. You will be refunded or credited (your choice) for the missing items. In the case of an over run, you are not charged for these either. Enjoy the freebies.


Manufacturer Defects

While we do our best to catch these issues before you get your hands on your order, we can not inspect every garment in full before, during or after production. Rogue Lab is not responsible for any garment manufacturing defects such as holes, colour inconsistencies, mislabeled sizes, loose stitching and other manufacturing defects. We always recommend ordering a few extra pieces to avoid these issues. 


Color Matching

If colour matching or brand consistency is needed for your order, providing us with Pantone values is required. We will custom mix you any Pantone colours needed for your order free of charge. We do not recommend using a monitor of any kind to choose your Pantone colours. Computer monitors, tablets and phones can vary colours from one to the next. Please check a Pantone book for accurate colour accuracy.

If Pantone values are not required, we will do our best to match the colours shown in your art files. We will not be responsible should the colours not be an exact match to your expectations.


Art Print Sizes and Placement

There will be a single image size printed on all garment sizes unless otherwise requested. Additional image sizes being printed will each be treated as a new order and priced as such. When it comes to placement, we use our years of experience and tools like lasers to produce orders with as much placement accuracy as possible. However, we have a margin for movement of 1/2” in any direction that is considered acceptable. When printing decals, our margin for movement is 1/8”.


Artwork Creation and Ownership

All artwork created by Rogue Lab is the sole property of Rogue Lab until licensing or ownership rights are released to you. Any artwork you submit for printing that has not been created by is owned by you or its rightful owner. We will not reproduce your artwork without your or the rightful owner’s consent. We will not produce any type of copyrighted or trademarked artwork, likeness or otherwise without the appropriate consent or licensing.


Art Preparation

 Art not supplied in print ready format is subject to be billed at our current rate to make it print ready, this will be shown on your invoice prior to payment. Print ready art files will be free from any fees. Any print ready art files created by Rogue Lab is the property of Rogue Lab. For example, if you supply artwork for your order that we need to create separated art file for, you do not own the separated art file. That separated file is the property of Rogue Lab. The artwork itself, remains your property. We can provide you the separated art files at an additional cost. We will not release or sell separated art files to anyone without the appropriate consent or licensing. 

Seam, Collar, and Zipper Printing

 We push ourselves to produce the best looking product every time we enter the shop. However, printing on or over any seams, collars, pockets, zippers or otherwise is subject to distortion, print imperfections, and other inconsistencies. These are all considered acceptable goods and will not be considered misprints.



All orders will be bulk packaged unless additional packaging services are ordered.


Shipping and Pickup 

We ship via all major carriers. We will do our best to find you the best shipping rate for your order and a tracking number will be sent to you before your order leaves our hands. Rogue Lab will not be responsible for shipping carrier complications errors, damages, lost items, weather, strikes, or otherwise. Deliveries are made to the delivery address given at the time of order. It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure accuracy of information provided. If you notice you have provided the wrong address please contact us immediately! If the item is in the care of a postal/delivery service, they will need to be contacted directly. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed upon. Clients are responsible for any duties or taxes owed/payable for delivery.

Order pickups are always free and available by appointment during our regular business hours. 


Social Sharing

We love to showcase our work and your product to the world. We have spent many years creating high quality professional content to grow one of the largest industry followings in the world. By placing an order with Rogue Lab, you have agreed to have the production process of your order, as well as the order items be shared as content on Rogue Lab’s website, social media accounts and other associated media channels. Please notify us when placing your order if you are not comfortable with us photographing and/or sharing your order being produced.


Personal Data

From time to time we would like to contact you with details of other services, content, and resources we provide. By providing us with your email address, you consent for us to contact you in regard to these items. If at any time you no longer wish to receive email communication from us, please click the unsubscribe button on any of our emails.

We promise not to sell or share the personal data you provide us with any person or company outside of Rogue Lab in any way.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Terms & Conditions, please email info@roguelabmfg.com before placing your order. Our goal is to set clear expectations to build a solid and healthy working relationship with our clients. Thanks again for working with us, let’s bring your monster to life.