Fight Tees Logomark

Fight Tees Logomark

New logo work we just finished up for @fightteesuk, a martial arts-inspired clothing brand.

The design brief on this was to create a logomark primarily for social media and small chest prints. It was not supposed to include the brand name in any way. 

The solution was to create a logomark that didn’t clearly portray specific letters but rather a unique and memorable icon. Taking inspiration from martial arts and Asian letters we created a custom mark based on the brand tagline. 

At first glance, it's some cool looking Asian letters. However, cleverly hidden in the mark is the brand message, a C for Civilize and an S for Savage.

The symmetry of the logo allows it to work in any rotation, this could be useful for things like pattern designs or sleeve prints. 

I love logos that make you think and question what's happening. Quite pleased with how this one turned out 👊🏻

Fight Tees Logomark

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