Shadetree Surgeon: Too Trashed To Thrash

Too Trashed To Thrash

I’ll be straight up with you, this was one of the most fun prints to ever come through the shop so far. I’ve printed tons of multi-coloured stuff, lots of it more complicated and technical than this, but there’s something about printing a really nice piece of artwork that you connect with that makes it so much more enjoyable. This was a piece for my good homie Shadetree Surgeon and his new merch line Brapstar, and it happened to be designed by one of my favourite artists from the gram, Donny Conrad. These two guys are both great at what they do so I definitely had to deliver on my end. I went with a soft hand based plastisol to keep that sort of old school vibe that this shirt was going for, but still have the print look and feel soft, light and smooth like a modern print should. The results really speak for themselves on this one, this shirt looks incredible!

Along the way I added a few registration tips for my screen printing tribe out there, since a 6 colour print like this can be difficult and intimidate some people. With the proper steps and a bit of patience, they don’t have to be something that make you want to flying spin kick a screen across the room. Instead, they will be the ones that you enjoy the most.


Check out Shadetree and Donny here:

Shadetree Surgeon




Donny Conrad