Blue Giraffe Inc: Badge Design

Blue Giraffe Inc: Badge Design

Sometimes a job comes along that's just wildly different than your norm. This project from Blue Giraffe Inc. was one of those, a super fun challenge and we're stoked on the result. It's not every day we draw giraffes...

Design brief:

A giraffe screenprinting and to make sure it didn't have a childish appearance. The biggest challenge here is that a giraffe is super tall and has short strange legs. This creates a composition and logical challenge.


Focus on the giraffe head and include screenprinting elements, in particular, the giraffe neck tearing through the screen. This gave the composition visual interest, hierarchy, depth and dynamics. 


We draw a lot of animals around here, most of which are filled with action and intensity. This one had none of that to use as design cues, a completely different style and concept for us. Stoked as hell with the final result. 

Blue Giraffe Inc Badge

Blue Giraffe Inc Badge Black and Grey