Outcast Culture Branding

Outcast Culture MFG is a brand new motorcycle culture apparel brand with a focus on the Harley stunt riding scene. We were asked to tackle all of the brand design and initial print designs. Having done all of the design work for Thirty Eight Ride Co. and plenty of other work in this scene, this was a natural fit for us.  

I had so much fun working on this project. I started with a font and quickly realized there were a lot of things about it that didn't feel right, so I built custom letters for Outcast Culture MFG. After the letters were built I started working on the design elements and type styling and ended up creating six logos for a fully responsive brand identity set. This has the brand set up for the future with tons of variations of these designs possible. From the large detailed colour lockup to the single colour minimized type, everything is here, ready to kill.