Everything You Need To Know About Custom Neck Labels

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Neck Labels

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Custom neck labels can serve a whole lot of purposes. They can be an added detail to strengthen your branding, a different avenue of creativity in design, a way to signify special or limited edition products, and of course a way to give the needed info about your product. Whatever your potential use for them, if you're new to custom neck labels they can sometimes be a confusing topic. This blog post and the video below should clear everything up for you.

An example of a custom printed neck label with a hidden message

What Are

Custom Neck Labels?

Custom neck labels are typically either woven or printed labels that replace the stock manufacturer tag, these are the most popular but there are a few other types of labels out there. Printed labels are by far the most popular due to their cost effectiveness and barely there feel. They can be added to nearly any garment or location, not just tee shirt necks. Jackets, hoodies, tanks, shorts and much more can benefit from custom printed labels. Woven labels are the more traditional type of label. While being costly to produce and apply, some prefer them due to their high quality and professional look. Adding that little extra touch can go a long way. What are the benefits of custom labels?

The benefits of custom labels:

-They make your brand more professional by showing your customers that you've thought of all the details.

-They are a constant reminder of your brand. The more ways you can your logo out there, the better.

-They add another way to get creative with your designs. Add messages, images and other elements as easter eggs to your customers.

What is required

In a custom neck label?

This will vary depending on which country you're located in, but generally you will need three things:

-The legal name of your company. If your legal name is contained within your logo design, you're good to use that. Alternatively, you can use a logo mark or symbol if you have the legal name listed along with it, or if you register for a CA (Canada) or RN (USA) number and include that.

-The country of origin. This the most commonly confused piece of info, as printers believe if they printed it in their country, that it was made in their country. This is wrong. The country of origin needed on the label is the country the garment was originally manufactured.

-Fabric content. This one is pretty self explanatory, this is what the garment is made of. If it is 100% cotton, then the label must also say so.

Of course, these are general guidelines. Always check the full legal requirements for where your company is located.

Where Can I get

Neck label designs?

When it comes to custom label designs, there are two ways to get them:

-Work with a graphic designer to make something custom and specific to your brand.

-Purchase a pre-made template that you can drop your logo into and quickly adjust the information to your liking.

Here at Rogue Lab, we offer both! We offer custom neck label template packs that are fully editable and ready for your logo. We also can custom design neck labels fully tailored to your brand and your ideas. Simply head over to the design page and and fill out our quote form, or click here.

Can I add Custom Neck Labels

To My Print order?

We sure can! We can set you up with screen printed, woven and a few other types of neck labels for your brand while we make your order. The cost of labels and their application will depend on the quantity of pieces we're putting them in. Talk with us to get a quote for custom neck labels today.