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Yammie Noob

Giving away motorcycles in style.

Yammie Noob is a motorcycle based YouTube channel with over 1.1 million subscribers that does daily videos ranging from motorcycle news, bike builds, bike/gear reviews, heads up tests, motovlogs and more. It's a pretty rad operation they have going over there. Something really unique that they do is they give away a motorcycle every month from 1 of 4 different categories, ranging from beginner, intermediate, expert and modern classic motorcycles. 

The team at Yammie Noob wanted these giveaways to make more of a splash than just simply giving away a bike, they wanted to create an exerience. So they reached out to task us with designing a complete style guide and matching merch designs that fit the vibe of each of the 4 categories.


Beginner Bike

The beginner bike category called for a younger, more energetic style. So we drew a little inspiration from the world of modern naked bikes and built a custom type pairing that contained both a precise, futuristic approach and some hand drawn rawness to bring it to life. We also set up this category with a hand drawn pattern, reminiscent of the days spent in detention scribbling in our notebooks. Finally, we combined all of these elements together and placed them around a clean helmet illustration to create an eye catching merch design.

Beginner Bike Giveaway

Style Guide Assets

Beginner Bike Giveaway type lockup designed for social media and web use.


Intermediate Bike

We needed to make something a little more mature for the intermediate category. So this one was inspired by the track day heroes out there, the ones who aren't always riding that ragged edge but will still drag a knee and hang it out when they need to. We went with customized type and graphics throughout that have an immediate racing feel thats more grown up than the beginner category, but slightly more conservative than the expert. Also included was a funny call out to a video comment thats become a running joke around there, so the "ride in 6 gare" type was added to the merch badge design.

Intermediate Bike Giveaway

Style Guide Assets

Intermediate bike giveaway type lockup designed for social media and web use.


Expert Bike

The name says it all. The expert category is all about one thing...hauling serious ass. Custom type was created in a simple, yet fast and aggressive style that was inspired by modern sport bikes. Racing elements were added to the type to create mulitple merch graphics that look fast standing still. And a simple but effective pattern was put together with the custom "YN" type for good measure.

expert bike giveaway

style guide assets

Expert bike giveaway type lockup designed for social media and web use.


Modern Classic

Open roads, a rumbling v-twin, the modern classic category is rich with culture and heritage. We came up with a fully customized type treatment and focused on detail to enhance the classic vintage style. Other vintage elements like the framework, banner and filigree were added to create a merch design thats sure to last the test of time.

Modern Classic Giveaway

Style Guide Assets

Modern classic bike giveaway type lockup designed for social media and web use.

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