Help Us Win Canada's Best Screen Printer!

Help Us Win Canada's Best Screen Printer!

We want to bring home the trophy!

You read that right, the Rogue Lab team are competing in Canada’s Best Screen Printed competition as the Imprint Canada Show January 12th and 13th, hosted by RB Digital. If you’re headed to the show this weekend make sure to stop by the RB Digital booth and vote for this beast of a design that we came up with. It pushed all of us to new levels and we made something really special with all of those killer special effects. We used a mix of sim process, puff, metallic, and clear inks to pull this all together, along with some interesting print techniques that were a first for us. We said if we’re going to compete, we’re pulling out all the stops. We want to bring home that trophy!

There will be a whole video about this design and how me made it coming soon, along with a full data sheet so you can see exactly what we did to try it with your own designs. But for now, here’s a few photos to see this masterpiece up close.

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