Omerta Display Font. $20CAD, $15USD
Omerta Display font Uppercase letters include spurs.
Omerta Display font Lowercase letters have lost their spurs.
Omerta Display font includes some commonly used ligatures.
The Omerta code. If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven.

Rogue Lab

Omerta Font

Sale price$20.00 CAD

Introducing Omerta

A code of honor and silence, where dead men tell no tales. Omertà is a strong and no bullshit display font that was built to give its competitors a pair of cement shoes. Fuggedaboutit. 

Omerta is mainly an all uppercase font, but we've included lowercase variants that have lost the outer spurs to give you more creative flexibility. Omerta is best used in headlines, logos, product design & other large type designs.

Included with Omerta
  • Uppercase & Lowercase Character Set A-Z 

  • Spurred & Sans Spur Versions

  • Basic Ligatures

  • Numerals & Primary Punctuation

  • OTF file format

Font Help

At Rogue Lab all of our fonts are built as OpenType fonts. This means we have great compatibility and we can build in some really awesome features. Many of our fonts make use of features like Ligatures & Stylistic Alternatives. There are a few ways to access these features in applications like Adobe Illustrator, the guide below covers these. 

Glyphs Window

To access the Glyphs window in Illustrator click on Window>Type>Glyphs. From here you can see either every glyphs in the font or glyphs for you current selected letter. You will then see alternatives and you just need to highlight a letter and double click on an alternative to replace your selected letter. 

OpenType Window

To access the Glyphs window in Illustrator click on Window>Type>OpenType. When you have a letter or group of letters selected you will see options in the OpenType window for ligatures or alternatives, simply selected one of the options to change your standard letter. 

Letter Selection

With OpenType fonts in Illustrator if you highlight a letter you will see a dropdown with alternatives below, simply click one to apply the alternate letter. This also applies to ligatures but you'll need to select both letter in the ligature for it to work. 

Commercial Font License

Unlimited commercial use of this font is allowed, given the font is expanded and not embedded. You may not distribute the typeface to another party or modify the font for distribution (either for free or for monetary gain) Webfont embedding and mobile app embedding are not allowed under the terms of this license.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dom (Roseville, US)
Omerta FTW!

Love this font! Versatile and super clean all while being aggressive at the same time. I equate it to an updated option for Old English! Love having Omerta in my toolbox of fonts!

Gerard Martinez (Louisville, US)
Lost in the shuffle

I have tried to reach out to you many times but after a year and half I must have been lost in your shuffle. However, I was trying to ask and give you positive reviews and know a little more about your shop. I did purchase some items and it helped with my Art.

mel (Lebec, US)
Great font

Unique and cool font

Glad to hear you like it! Thanks!